PARAPROJECT® Case N16 Charge Only, 12", weiß

Product information

With its sophisticated interior design and high-class look, the PARAPROJECT® Case N16 in white color offers the perfect storage and charging solution for up to 16 tablets with a maximum size of 12" and a master notebook plus essential accessories. The tablets can be stowed away in slots made of sturdy ConPearl® material. The case bottom, lined with shock-absorbing foam material, the impact-resistant ABS case shell and the circumferential aluminum frame on lid and case body guarantee safe transport and storage of the tablets. Openings in the lid and an active fan in the electronics compartment ensure optimal air circulation. The tablets can be charged via central mains supply. The PARAPROJECT® Case N16 is compatible with all types of tablets and non-USB chargeable tablet PCs. An integrated charge timer can be adjusted to individual charging times. A Y-adapter with 2x IBM ports (C5, 3-pin) and a Y-adapter with 2x flat Euro sockets (C7, 2-pin) are included in delivery. The PARAPROJECT® Case N16 is available in white or black color.


  • various pockets and compartments to store accessories and small parts
  • charging unit
  • 16 pockets for tablets / tablet PCs
  • storage compartment for master laptop and pockets to stow away e. g. access point and router
  • plus: vents in the case lid
  • plus: 2x active fans in the electronic components storage box
  • temperature sensor (protection against overheating)
  • built-in charge-timer, programmable

Scope of Delivery

  • 8x Y adapter cables, flat EURO socket, 2x IBM ports, 8x Y adapter cables, IBM port, 2x flat EURO sockets, device connection cable, length 5 m, 1x network cable, length 0.8 m, mounting hardware for access point

Technical Data

Suitable for:
  • all tablets / tablet PCs not rechargeable via USB port
Dimensions of pockets for devices (WxDxH): 28 x 210 x 320 mm
Devices: up to 16 Devices
Suitable for: Notebooks, Tablets
Lock: Combination Lock
Certifications: CE, REACH, RoHS
Color: White
Material: ABS-Kunststoff, Con-Pearl®
Norms: NRL 2011/65/EU, DIN EN 62368-1:2016-05. EMV 2014/35/EU, DIN EN 55022:210+AC:2011, DIN EN 55024:2010. Rohs 2011/65/EU, DINEN 50581:2012
Powerdata: 100 - 240 V, max. 8 A, 50 / 60 Hz


Width: 720 mm
Depth: 390 mm
Height: 550 mm
Weight: 16.25 kg


Data sheet: Download

PARAPROJECT® Case N16 - The all-rounder: charging and transport case for all types of tablets