Unlimited possibilities

Welcome to PARAT Solutions. In addition to our standardized storage solutions, we specialize in creating custom storage systems tailored to meet your unique requirements as a B2B partner.

Contact us to discuss your custom storage solution. PARAT Solutions — the first choice for customized storage needs.

Our project customers have access to endless design options, including size, interior design, organization system, electrification, materials, locking systems, branding, and transportation.

Storage options

Type follows requirement

PARAT offers a variety of already developed and proven case systems in different sizes, specifically tailored to the needs of our B2B partners. Choose your optimal size based on your storage needs, location, and user.

Interior design

The inner values: efficiency and order

PARAT offers an ideal storage solution with high-quality bottom trays, robust customizable or pre-cut foam, practical document compartments, and patented solutions that maximize space utilization.

Organizer systems

Fits, no wobbles, and plenty of space

Create order and efficiency for colleagues and employees with our flexible organizer systems, allowing for optimal object structuring. PARAT organizer systems provide secure storage options for tools, equipment, and other objects. Let's work together to discover the perfect solution for your requirements.


Always ready to start

PARAT provides solutions for safe storage, simultaneous charging, and electrification of devices such as notebooks and tablets. Our systems are equipped with integrated charging options, ventilation systems, and syncing features to ensure that your devices are always ready to go. Rely on our expertise to provide customized electrification solutions that meet your unique needs and enable a seamless connected storage experience.

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Transport systems

Mobile comfort

Create comfortable mobile experiences with our flexible transport systems, available in various forms such as rollable, portable, backpack, or belt holder - all customized to meet your requirements. Rely on our expertise for safe and secure transport of your belongings. Enjoy maximum comfort during your journey and smooth mobility in all circumstances.

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Locking systems

Better safe than sorry

PARAT offers custom storage solutions with guaranteed security, whether for individual or general access, with robust locks or flight-qualified equipment according to TSA-Lock standards. Trust in PARAT - with our vast experience, we are able to identify the best possible solution for your product.


Material that provides options

Material options that combine variety and quality. Our extensive range of materials such as ABS, X-ABS, Con-Pearl, HDPE, polypropylene, leather, nylon, and aluminum allows true individuality. For your project, we will work together to identify the optimal material that balances functionality, aesthetics, and quality.

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My Case

Create a setting for your brand! With PARAT, you can customize your storage solutions to showcase your brand on the spot. Customizations include logos, colors, and bespoke accents - we can help you make your storage solution unique.

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Fields of application

What we are good at

PARAT products are utilized by professionals in various sectors including public, service, construction, and media. Discover our storage solutions and successful projects.

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